Work-related Gossip


The Awwefice is a place we can vent about your work-related issues.


Your Awwefice does not necessarily mean that you must be sitting in an Awwefice (office) in a building. Your Awwefice can be anywhere you work or do your thing! Almost everyone has an Awwefice, and the stuff you do there can be overwhelming, or you could be having a great time. Sometimes you just gotta get that extra stuff out of your system.

Your Awwefice can be a place of many emotions.  Your Awwefice situation may be one like, Awwe, I love it here!  It’s a great job and I just enjoy showing up every day!!!!  Or, it can be Awwe!  If this phone rings one more time I’m gonna throw it out of the window!!!  Or, Awwe!  I’m gonna choke that B%*$#!!!  Got Awwefice-mates?  What’s up with them?

Here is where you can “vent” your feelings and not get in trouble.  Say what you like - we are going to try to help each other out.  Let’s have some fun with this!


Coworker Gossip


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