Coworker Gossip

Coworker Gossip Happens In Every Job or Work Place

With this work gossip forum, we can help out so many people working all over the world just by letting them vent to one another. Many people use not only office jobs but other jobs as well as a stepping stone to something better. While they are waiting for their big break, they come across some pretty staggering issues while waiting for their ships to come in from the sea. All of these issues get people talking. Instead of talking at work and stirring up trouble no one needs, they can come on to The Awwefice and vent without judgment, criticism, or getting fired. Some even escape being punched in the face from someone at work. Everyone wins the situation, and the comments are not only real, but they are also fun to read, share, and discuss among the others on this forum. It turns out to be the best work gossip forum.

Coworker gossip can get someone punched in the face or thrown out a window, not to mention in some situations, canned. Some coworkers can be annoying, while others can be a person's best friend. Whether good or bad, everyone eventually says something behind their coworkers back. This can make a great place to share that coworker gossip and keep that person safe at the same time. Even in the worst coworker gossip situation, something good can come out of it. Suppose one person on the forum has something wrong they face and let everyone know in The Awwefice. In that case, someone else might have been through the same situation and advise the other person on how to solve their crisis. Some people even share the excellent coworker gossip as a means of helping them keep a secret or something useful like a proposal or pregnancy. They have not told anyone if they keep the details out. No one will ever know.