Office Gossip Forum

Venting Emotions On An Office Gossip Forum

The Awwefice is an office gossip forum founded by Gwendolyn Smiley. All too many times, people get caught up in the problems of their jobs. Stress at work can kill a person or make them sick some days. Pet peeves or OCD can take effect when someone says or does something that sets us off in the workplace, and there is nothing we can do about it. Sometimes it is a boss or a co-worker, where we are ready to do the unthinkable. Everyone has these types of days and feelings, but sometimes those feelings can get us fired. So, we keep everything bottled inside of us and let it eat away at our sanity. This office group forum allows people who go through these same feelings and emotions every day to discuss stories of what they are going through and seek advice on coping with the situations they face.

Work-related gossip can get to everyone over time, and we all know that sure someone we cannot stop thinking or talking over. Gossip in the office can be a bad thing and can make the work environment an uncomfortable place. But not here at The Awwefice! We welcome it and encourage it because if the people who come on this forum do not let out their feelings, something might blow up, and we do not want to see anyone hurt someone over bad habits or something that annoys us. Consider it like therapy that does not cost you a fortune. Having to pay a counselor or therapist may be the final nail in the coffin for some people. It is a free country, and we all have Freedom of Speech. We have discovered many people go through the same thing or feel the same way about the same situations through this forum. That is how most of us become friends.